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BugNET Pro 1.4 Released

We have released BugNET Pro 1.4. You can find the new release on the downloads page.

This new release contains bug fixes and a new macro for the wiki to link to issues.




You can download BugNET Pro from the downloads page.


Happy New Year!

Happy new years to everyone from the BugNET team! We look forward to improving BugNET and BugNET Pro this year to enhance the current product offerings.

We are currently working on the UI upgrade, this includes an update to .NET 4.5 and bootstrap 3 for the UI framework. As you can imagine this is quite a bit of work, and we are tackling it page by page and hope to have something to release in January.


BugNET is now available in the Microsoft Web App Gallery

We are pleased to announce that BugNET is now available in the Microsoft Web App Gallery. The Microsoft Web App Gallery helps share the application with millions of Windows users and makes it easy to install using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Web App Gallary

Web Platform Installer

For existing users, this uses the same web deploy package we published on the codeplex site and provides an alternate way to install or upgrade BugNET.


BugNET is also now available in the Windows Azure Gallery. Here you can easily install BugNET in Azure and start issue tracking.

Windows Azure


Black Friday Sale

Today until Tuesday December 3rd, BugNET Pro will be on sale for $169 CAD.

BugNET Pro is a commercially licensed version of BugNET that extends the open source application to offer advanced features.

To find out more about BugNET Pro or purchase you can visit our website.


BugNET 1.5.265 and BugNET Pro 1.3.70 released

Today, we have released BugNET 1.5.265 and BugNET Pro 1.3.70. These releases are bug fix releases from the previous release.

New Feature



Download BugNET 1.5.265 (install ZIP)

Download BugNET 1.5.265 (Web Deploy Packaage)

You can download BugNET Pro from the downloads page.