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BugNET / BugNET Pro Ceases Development

It is hard to believe that it has been over 11 years since the initial public release of BugNET. This was before Team Foundation Services (TFS) and another 100 issue trackers, before the cloud and was built using ASP.NET 1.1. In that time, I have had many contributors come and go and their help has been extremely welcome and a huge benifit to the project. The unfortunate part of that is that I no longer have the time, or passion to continue working on BugNET or the Pro version. I felt that in the past 11 years, that I have kept the project going through a few slumps but I now have a young family, and other interests to fight for the limited free time.

Thank you to those who purchased BugNET Pro and contributed to the project. Of course, the source code will always be available on github, and I will work to provide the BugNET Pro source code for everyone to use as well in the near future.

The domain and web hosting will be retired with the GitHub page being available as a landing page.

Thank you!
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