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BugNET Pro 1.5.105 Released

We have released BugNET Pro 1.5.105 which contains all the fixes the 1.6.339 release. You can find the full patch notes at

You can download BugNET Pro from the downloads page.


Important news for Google account users on

Google has deprecated the use of OpenID 2.0 and will be shutting it's usage down completely on April 20, 2015.

If you use your Google account to login to it is very important to update your account using the following instructions as you will not be able to login otherwise after our new website upgrade on February 28, 2015.

  1. Log into with your Google account
  2. Click your username in the top right hand corner of the website to access the account management page
  3. Set a local password for your account that you will use to login to the website.

With our website upgrade we will be adding the new Google+ login so you can re-enable login with your Google account after the migration.

If there are any questions or issues please contact us at


Moved to GitHub

We are happy to announce that BugNET is now on GitHub! We have had great success on CodePlex and SourceForge in the past but unfortunately Microsoft has not put much effort in improving CodePlex like other 3rd party offerings such as GitHub.

This means our move resulted in a migration from Mercurial to Git, and migrating the existing open and active issues over to GitHub as well. Luckily, we are not the first project to move and there are some handy tools for migration including the hg-git plugin and these migration tools that were tweaked

Because GitHub doesn't offer a discussion forum this leaves us in a bit of a disjointed state with discussions and releases still being hosted on CodePlex, but all issues and code are on GitHub. We are looking at options for discussions and welcome any feedback, one of those is Google Groups which is free and hosted.

We look forward to taking advantage of the improved workflows and community on GitHub. Please sign up on GitHub if you haven't already, star and fork our repository and submit a pull request.

The new repository url is -


BugNET 1.6.339 Released

The focus of this release was to fix a lot of outstanding issues and improve the stability of the new BugNET 1.6 release.

You can find the new releases on the downloads page.




Download BugNET 1.6.339 (install ZIP)

Download BugNET 1.6.339 (Web Deploy Package)

Download BugNET 1.6.339 (source)


BugNET 1.6.329 and BugNET Pro 1.5.102 Released

We have released BugNET 1.6.329 and BugNET Pro 1.5.102. This release contains an important security fix for all users running BugNET 1.6 and BugNET Pro 1.5 releases and is a recommended upgrade.


Download BugNET 1.6.329 (Install ZIP)

Download BugNET 1.6.329 (Source ZIP)

Download BugNET 1.6.329 (Web Deploy Package)

You can download BugNET Pro from the downloads page.